SpecMaster for Linux
  • SpecMaster for Linux

    SpecMaster is a simple requirements management system.

    It uses a file-based database to manage your requirements on the file server or your local PC - without the cloud and without external databases in distant countries.


    SpecMaster offers predefined attribute schemes that cover approx. 80% of all requirements to make it easier for beginners to get started with requirements management.



    SpecMaster supports the creation of requirements specifications and the necessary requirements management and engineering ... at least for all organizations and companies in which security requirements play a role.



    - Edit several specifications within one database

    - Structured input of requirement information with decisive attributes

    - Predefined attribute lists for safety

    - Entry of traceability

    - Review of requirements

    - Structure of the requirements

    - Output of requirement specifications as PDF

    - Modular requirements specification through exportable and importable requirements

    English and German are supported as setting languages.

    SpecMaster is available for Windows and Linux.

    • No right of withdrawal for software

      Right of Withdrawal

      Since DOERPSOFT sells its products exclusively via Internet download, the consumer's right of withdrawal from the purchase of Doerpsoft software is excluded, as the software can continue to be used and therefore cannot be returned without residue. (BT-Drs. 14/2658, p. 44)

      Right of withdrawal for commercial buyers
      The right of withdrawal for DOERPSOFT software is also expressly excluded for commercial buyers.


      Check restrictions by linux dependencies!

    • System requirements


      Minimum requirements are sufficient:
      1 PC with x64 processor, graphics card, min. 1 GB free hard drive space (certainly more with modern hard drives), 1 GB RAM, 64bit Linux (.deb mainly)

    • Software license

      Please check the software license on the relevant website .

    • Linux dependencies

      DEB based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, ....)
      sudo apt install linux-vdso libodbc libz libm libdl libQt5WebKitWidgets libstdc ++ libQt5Widgets libQt5Gui libQt5Core libpthread libc libgcc_s libltdl / lib64 / ld-linux-x86-64 libQt5PrintSupport libQt5WebKit libQt5Network libGL libpng16 libharfbuzz libicui18n libicuuc libdouble-conversion libglib-2 libQt5Quick libQt5WebChannel libQt5Positioning libQt5Sensors libwoff2dec libjpeg libwebp libhyphen libxml2 libxslt libsqlite3 libgio-2 libgstapp-1 libgstbase-1 libgstreamer-1 libgstpbutils-1 libgstaudio-1 libgsttag-1 libgstvideo-1 libgstfft-1 libgobject-2 libgstfft-1 libgobject-2 libQt5Qml libbrapid2 libbroticype-2 libqt5Qml libribject-libc libmount liborc-0 libffi libX11 libbrotlicommon libblkid libxcb libuuid libXau libXdmcp libbsd

      RPM based distributions (Redhat, Fedora, OpenSuse, CentOS, ....)
      Generally the purchase is NOT recommended! Doerpsoft was unable to perform successful tests due to the lack of dependencies.
      libQt5WebKitWidgets.so.5 must be successfully installed on the system!
      If there is no evidence that this library was successfully installed on your system, please refrain from purchasing it!
      If you have the proof:
      sudo DNF install linux-vdso libodbc libz libm libdl libQt5WebKitWidgets libstdc ++ libQt5Widgets libQt5Gui libQt5Core libpthread libc libgcc_s libGL libpng16 libharfbuzz libsystemd libicui18n libicuuc libpcre2-16 libglib-2 libglx libX11 libxext libGLdispatch libfreetype libgraphite2 librt liblzma liblz4 libgcrypt libicudata libpcre libxcb libbz2 libgpg-error libxau
      / lib64 / ld-linux-x86-64

      Doerpsoft does not guarantee that it will run on RPM-based Linux systems. There is no right of withdrawal!